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Starburst is one the most played slots in the UK. Now you can claim free spins to the game and also read our expert preview of the slot, which most likely will help you win even more when playing Starburst!

Top 5 Starburst Free Spins January 2019

What is Starburst?

Let us introduce one of the most played online casino slots in the UK – Starburst. People love the game as it is so simple and easy to understand. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to play this game and follow the rules and special features, which are incredibly simple. The coolest part is the fact that you can win up to 50 000 times your coin value during a single spin, you win extremely often from this game, and the betting limit is as low as £0.01. If you like to play traditional or classical slots, this is your game of choice!

Let’s dig a bit deeper. The game was published in 2012 by the Swedish game provider NetEnt, which is the most popular online casino slot providers in the Europe. They are the market leaders pretty much because they make the best slots that people love to play, and Starburst is one of their top creations just because it is made so simple but still extremely interesting. The game got massively popular just couple days after the launch, and it has been in the top played games on many online casinos even till today. So many years in the top chart is something truly incredible! New slot releases might beat Starburst’s turnover numbers during the couple first weeks after they have launched, but the numbers will fade, and Starburst tends to be the most played slot when you look at the yearly numbers on many of the online casino providers in the UK.

Betting and summary of the game features

Starburst is one of the cheapest games to play online as you can wager it even with £0.01 stakes with some online casinos. The game has 10 lines so with £0.01 coin value the full 10 lines cost only £0.10. You can win over three figure winnings with such a small bet so no wonder people love to play it. You don’t need to use the full 10 lines, for example, the £0.01 bet is achieved with one betting line and minimum bet. Although you will get the best theoretical payback by using the full 10 lines, so we wholeheartedly recommend using it.

The game theme is based on the stars, and outer space like the name itself says. The symbols include different types of diamonds, BAR symbols, and traditional 7s. BAR symbol has the highest payout, which is 250 times the coin value if you get five of them in a row on a winning pay line. There are five reels in the game, and every line has three symbols in it. The winnings are paid in both directions (left to right and right to left), which is one of the coolest features in the game. In this way, you will have something to be excited about during the whole spinning of the five reels. This is not typical as usually you know if you can win anything after the first two wheels have landed. The variance in the game is incredibly low, which means that you often win small amounts. If you like to win often and play long times with e.g. £20 this is your go-to slot. The theoretical payback in the game is 96.1%, which is quite decent.

Pro tip: “As Starburst has low variance, if you are shooting for some major big wins with small stakes, we would suggest playing jackpot games like Mega Moolah.

Bonus feature

There are no traditional bonus games or free spins in this game. The only special or bonus feature is the multi colored stacked wild symbol that can appear in the second, third or fourth reel. It can appear in one of them or multiple reels. These symbols are all wild so they will replicate any symbol which gives you the biggest win. Getting this wild symbol will activate a re-spin feature which will leave the wild reel in the same position during the re-spin also. You can get up to three re-spins in a row by hitting a new star symbol during your spins. This happens by getting first one reel of wilds, then one more and still one more. The luckiest and most profitable way is getting all the middle three rows filled with wild symbols at the same time since then you get first your winnings and then get to re-spin with middle reels all filled with wilds. If you see that kind of magic on your screen, then you are in for some serious money!

Is Starburst the best slot?

We said Starburst is one of the most common slots in the Europe and the UK so many people consider it as the best slot out there. Although, if you have played casino games for a long time and you are looking for something extraordinary with different cool features, sounds, and graphics, we would not suggest playing Starburst as it might get a bit boring for the more accustomed players. Let’s face the fact that the game is quite old, so the slot providers have come up with a lot of cool new features. Starburst has never tried to use anything extraordinary, which is the main reason it is as popular it is. The game does not have any cool bonus features, Scatters or pretty much anything extra. If you want something magical, we would suggest games like Warlords: Crystals of Power from NetEnt.

Questions and answers

What is the payout percentage in Starburst?

The payout percentage is 96.1% which is quite average for NetEnt slots and overall for online casino slots. The best payout for NetEnt slots is in Blood Suckers 98.0%, and the worst in Fortune Teller 93.3%.

How can I get free spins?

There are numerous ways of getting free spins to Starburst. The game is quite a typical signup free spin slot, so many casinos give out free spins to Starburst when you open your account or when you make your first deposit. That is the easiest way of getting free spins to Starburst. You can also get free spins with deposit & get a type of bonuses, which means that when you deposit a certain amount, you will get X amount of free spins to e.g. Starburst.

What is the biggest winning from Starburst?

The biggest single line coin win comes from five BAR symbols. This will give you 250 times your coin value. All in all, the biggest total win you can get with a spin is 50 000 times your coin value. It gkes some serious luck to hit that since you would need to get the re-spin and screen full of bar symbols two times in a row.

What is the biggest stake I can use?

Different casinos have different stake limits. Usually, the maximum bet in Starburst is £100, but it is possible that some sites use lower maximum bets or even higher ones.