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Book of Dead

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If you are looking for some high winnings with small stakes, Book of Dead by Play'n GO slot provider should be one of your top prospects. This game pays up to 500 000 times your coin value on a single spin, which makes it one of the most played slots from the Swedish Play'n Go. Claim the bonuses we provide and try yourself!

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What Kind of Slot is the Book of Dead?

The slot is actually called Rich Wilde and the Book of the Dead. The game is fairly simple but very stylish. It has clear lines, ancient Egypt like theme and colors of the layout are just beautiful. The game has 10 easily followable pay lines and the fact that you can win up to 500 000 times your coin value during a single spin, makes this game one of the most popular slots out there.

Rich Wilde has been seen in several Play’n GO slots before, this time his adventures takes him to the ancient Egypt. When the game was released in early 2016 by Play’n GO game was instantly a hit, thanks to the huge potential winnings and exciting experience with random wild- and scatter-symbols that create a nice twist to the spins.

Casino YouTuber Roshtein absolutely smashed Book of Dead. He takes a home a massive payday, while losing his mind in the process.

Theme and Sounds

You almost feel like being in a temple or an ancient tomb, the screen is decorated with golden details and Egyptian pillars between the reels. Pharaoh Tutankhamun as well gods Anubis and Horus can be recognized from the reels together with Mr. Rich Wilde. Of course, there are also traditional playing card symbols from 10 to Ace for smaller winnings. Unlike other slots, here cards fit more than nicely. It’s a known fact that one of the first playing cards came from Egypt somewhere mid-1100’s. That’s a bit later than assembling of the Book of The Dead, its estimated completion was about 1500 BCE. The sounds are not ancient at all in their quality. The intensive tunes are meant to bring tension to the game while taking influence from ancient times.

Winnings, Betting, and Game Features in Book of Dead

One spin can bring winnings up to 500 000 times your bet. There are 9 basic winning symbols and of course the Book of Dead symbol, which also plays as wild- and scatter-symbol. Coins can be valuated between £0.01 and £2 and its possible to bet 1-100 coins at a single round, so min bet being with 10 lines is £0.10 and max bet £200. Of course, you don’t have to use all 10 lines, but we strongly recommend to do so, because you will get the best theoretical payback by doing so.

Maximum winnings with every symbol is the following:
Rich Wilde brings 5 000 coins, Tutankhamun 2 000, Anubis and Horus 750, A/K 150, Q/J/T 100. And of course there is a one above the others: It’s obvious that you want to go after the Book of Dead symbol, get three books at same round to unlock free spins. Every time there is 3 or more books, player receives 10 additional free spins, this can occur round after round. Before the free spins start, there will be randomly chosen scatter among the symbols. This means that in best scenario they can fill all of the reels. And that, of course, means money! For the bonus twist, every book also is worth of money, 3 books returns players bet 2 times, 4 books 20-times and 5 books 200-times.

History Behind the Name

Originally named Book of the Dead or ”rw nw prt m hrw” like locals used to call it in the ancient Egypt. This item was known to be a book that described the life after death to the people. Usually, Book of Dead was buried with the corpse, containing a huge amount of spells that were meant to help him or her through the ancient Egypts underworld. The book was formed by extremely honored priests during thousands of years, so it was pretty hardcore stuff.

So basically the book was like a survival guide, follow these steps and you will found your way out. No man was ever proven to come back and whine about poor instructions. We can assume that priests did their job quite OK.

Questions and answers

Can I play this slot with mobile devices?
Yes, you absolutely can, Play’n GO games are almost always mobile friendly. So it doesn’t matter if you are playing on your smartphone or tablet. Just have a seat in your couch or lay down nicely in your own bed and start playing! No app download needed.

What is the payout percentage in Book of Dead?
The payout percentage is 96,2%, so overall it’s about average for online casino slots.

How do I unlock the bonus game?
There is actually no special bonus game in Book of Dead. Even tough free spins are triggered when a player gets 3 or more Book of Dead symbols during the one spin. And before rolling trough free spins you get randomly chosen scatter among all symbols. When your scatter hits the screen, it will turn the whole reel as a scatter. You’d think what you want one of the most common, meaning the lower paying symbols, as your scatter. Cause they show up more often right? Wrong. The reason is that the top 4 highest paying symbols pay out on a 2 symbol win upwards when standard symbols (10-A) pay out when three or more show up on reels. Meaning that with high paying symbols you are just as likely to get multiple wins, plus if you get 3/4/5 there will be a high number of winnings coming to your way.

What is the minimum or maximum bet I can use?
Different casinos have their own stake limits. Usually, max bet in Book of Dead is £200, but it’s possible that some sites use lower max bets or some might have even higher ones.

Why should I choose Book of Dead?
This slot offers fairly fast based spins and huge potential winnings. If you have attitude ”go big or go home” this might be the game of your choice. Slot offers some different type of winnings, but it’s one of the most high-win-focused slots out there. And this makes Book of Dead high variance slot Therefore, you always want to aim big for the best results. If you are looking some energetic, but more stable winning system, we would recommend games like Fire Joker or Cloud Quest by the same provider.

How much can I win with a single spin?
500 000 times your coin value is the maximum win you can win in a single round.