Free Bets

Free bets give you a chance to bet without taking much of a risk yourself. In most cases, sportsbooks offer free bets for new players, just like the ones we have on offer above.

Some shops even offer free bets without a deposit. With these, you have to be extra careful with reading the terms & conditions, as some of them might not let you keep your winnings at all. We’ve seen this for example with SkyBet, and don’t think it’s good practice,

Usually, the best free bets are the ones which need a small deposit to get. These come with realistic wagering requirements for the free bets, and you’ll actually have a chance to win real money with them. Just like you, also we like to play with real money.

Best Free Bets Sites September 2018

Why Should You Use Free Bets?

It’s simple – to have a crack at practically free money. We’ve seen loads of different sportsbooks give out lavish welcome offers, but free bets are the easiest to understand and to take advantage of. Free bets give you an early edge against the bookie.

For smaller players, the free bets come in very handy. Especially in the beginning when you start with a new sportsbook, it’s essential to build your bankroll, and free bets give you the chance to do just that. Free bets allow you to make multiple bets instead of practically going all-in on the first go.

Even if you’d be regularly playing with larger stakes, you should still take advantage of the freebies. Sure, it may not seem like much, but in the grand scheme of things free bets add up. Grab one here, get another there, get the third one from another bookie and all of a sudden you find yourself with at least a hundred quid worth of free bets.

In most cases, the free bets come with a small deposit requirement attached. This is the case for example with BetVictor, who use one of the better free bet offers out there.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

The free bets always come with wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are standard practice in online sports betting, but for a newer player, they could come as a surprise. Wagering requirements mean that you need to wager x amount for the balance to be released as cash into your proper sports betting account. The rollover requirements are familiar also for online casino players, but with sports betting, the wagering requirements are quite a lot smaller than with casino gaming.

The most common wagering requirement is 6x with odds at least 4/5. So, for example, if you put in £10 and you’ll get £30 worth of free bets with that deposit, you’ll need to wager 6x your winnings with the money you’ve made with from your free bets.

The rollover requirements are different depending on the sportsbook and the promotion you’re taking advantage of. The wagering requirements always read in the terms & conditions, so you’re wise to read them, so you know where you’re getting yourself into.

Difference Between Risk-Free Bets and Free Bets

Many sportsbooks also offer risk-free bets. These aren’t free bets, as you’d first think.

In free bets you get just that – a free bet, for example, £10 that’s added to your account. It’s a typical player retention tactic to give punters an incentive to return to place their free bet, without having them deposit anything. You get to put the freebie on for example Arsenal to win on Sunday, and if you win, you get to keep the wins. If they don’t win, you don’t lose anything. Usually, also these free bets come with minimum wagering requirements, for example, you need to bet 6x times the free bet + the win before you can cash out.

With risk-free bets, you always have to deposit. Let’s say BetVictor is running a risk-free promotion, and you’ll get a ten quid risk-free punt for Saturday’s Premier League game of your choosing. You bet the ten quid for example on Chelsea’s win. If Chelsea wins, you win your bet like it was a regular bet. If you miss, you get the tenner refunded after the game is over or within 48 hours. Also, the refunds with risk-free bets come with some sort of wagering requirement, but in most cases, it’s much lower than the rollover requirements with free bets.

What is the Best Strategy for Free Bets?

The strategy for free bets and risk-free bets is a bit different. With free bets, you’ll want to keep the odds quite small, so you get a reasonable chance to hit. Also, the wagering requirement is easier to fill when you don’t have to roll over 6x 100 odds accumulator.

You should always see the promotion’s terms & conditions to see what’s the lowest odds you need to bet to qualify for the free bet promotion.

What is the Best Strategy for Risk-Free Ones?

With risk-free bets, the approach is a bit different. Here, we’re looking to score as big as possible. As we’re not restricted by wagering requirements for our wins (only our losses, when we get refunded), we want to go swing for the fences. If we don’t hit, we get a refund anyway.

With risk-free bets, you should always go for very high odds and ambitious accumulators. But keep in mind to always check the T&C, as some sportsbooks limit the highest odds or the number of games you can have on an acca. This helps the betting shops to limit their risk, as sharp bettors with the right strategy for risk-free bets will profit from good promotions.

There’s More Than Meets the Eye to Boosted Odds Offers

We prefer free bets over boosted odds offers. Nowadays there’s a rash of boosted odds offers, which are aimed to bring in new players with ridiculous odds. For example, one betting shop offered 33/1 odds on a corner to be given in a game. For the untrained eye, that seems massive and so easy money that the sportsbook has gone mad.

What don’t tell you is that there are strings attached. Many strings. First of all, your maximum bet to claim the ridiculous odds offer is very low. For that 33/1 offer, you only had a maximum of one pound you could bet on it. And naturally, you have to wager winnings, for example 6x. Also, you can’t just deposit one pound – it’s £10 minimum at most shops.

We feel free bets are fairer to players, as they don’t have so many strings attached. We don’t want players who sign up through us to feel let down when they take on an offer, as the free bet offers are quite straightforward. Boosted odds sure look brilliant on paper, but when you dig a bit deeper, they tend to be a bit of a let-down. Particularly for casual players, we recommend free bets over boosted odds, just so that everyone feels they’re being treated fairly. But of course, you can pick and choose.


Why can’t I just take the free bet and withdraw it? (Jack B.)
Jack, the bookies, they aren’t so dumb they will just give good money just for showing up. You have to bet it before you can withdraw. And then make sure you’ve filled the wagering requirements.

I got a no deposit free bet and bet it, but now I can’t cash out. What can I do? (Michael S.)
Check the terms & conditions. Usually, there’s a wagering requirement that you need to fill. That requires betting with them for some time, and after that, you can assess whether to continue with them. If you’ve liked them, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t deposit, too. But a situation like this is a good reminder: Always read the T&C.

I placed a risk-free bet, but now I’m not getting refunded. What’s the problem? (Greg C.)
Did you comply with the risk-free bet rules? There’s usually a fixed sum you have to bet in order to qualify for it, and you need to place it in a particular time window. If you’ve complied with the promotion rules, then it should be just a matter of time before they credit the refund. Usually, this period is 48 hours. If you haven’t got your refund and you should’ve, contact their live chat, and they’ll get it sorted.